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A photo of a cormorant fisherman in Xingping, China.

Photography Tours

Workshops plus small groups or private tours all over SE Asia, China and Japan. 

A photo of the cover of Passport Magazine - 2015 swimsuit edition, photographed by Ian Robert Knight.

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Book Ian Robert Knight Photography  for your next project, large or small, anywhere in Asia or Canada.

A photo of a large strangler fig tree in Ta Prohm temple in Angkor Park, Cambodia.

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Most images on this site can be purchased as high quality prints delivered straight to your door.

Ian Robert Knight
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This is a sampling of images the Ian Robert Knight Photography portfolios. They’re grouped into categories that make it easy to understand. Browse, ask questions, comment, or connect with me, if these images move you.


We are all the same, yet all so different. Meeting people from different cultures helps us to understand the world better. Photographing them is my way to preserve the memories of our connection.


When I travel around the globe, one of the first questions people ask me is “Where are you from?”. I’ve had the fortune to visit a lot of places in the world, and these images provide a small glimpse of what the world looks like to me.


Patterns, shapes, colours, chaos and designs happen all around us. Some are man-made, and some occur naturally. But they all fascinate me, and compel me to photograph them.


I lead travel photography tours and workshops, all over SE Asia, China, and Japan, plus the Canadian Rockies. Tours are either completely private or small groups of 4 to 6 people. Check the links for more information.

Scheduled trips for small groups

Custom designed travel for individuals