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We are all the same, yet all so different. Meeting people from different cultures helps us to understand the world better. Photographing them is my way to preserve the memories of our connection.


When I travel around the globe, one of the first questions people ask me is “Where are you from?”. I’ve had the fortune to visit a lot of places in the world, and these images provide a small glimpse of what the world looks like to me.


Patterns, shapes, colours, chaos and designs happen all around us. Some are man-made, and some occur naturally. But they all fascinate me, and compel me to photograph them.


I lead travel photography tours and workshops, all over the world. Tours are completely private, custom designed for individual photographers.

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Ian Robert Knight

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Photographer, Traveller, Educator

Prepping for winter in Bhutan. This farm was drying out thin slices of pumpkin, to cook with when fresh vegetables aren’t so readily available in the winter months. This was spotted in Phobjikha Valley, one of the most scenic parts of Bhutan - you should check it out.
The Gangtey Monastery overlooks the Phobjikha Valley, from its location atop the highest hill in the valley. You really need to come to #Bhutan.
Seeing the Punakha Dzong never gets old.  It’s one of #Bhutan’s most impressive buildings, and it looks great any day of the year.
Even arriving at Paro International Airport has a completely different feeling. Bhutan is like no other place on the planet. You need to go there.
Living in an Aman state of mind.
Fall day, Ottawa. Shot across the river in Gatineau, Quebec. We’ve been lucky, weather-wise this autumn.
My kinda bucket list. 
Spotted this ennead of buckets at SHED Chetwyn Farms in Prince Edward County, Ontario. The farm raises alpacas 🦙, which have to be one of the most adorable animals. These buckets were on the wall of the converted chicken coop that now serves as their shop selling all things made from alpaca wool. Very cool.
Crowfoot Mountain doesn't get all the attention that many other mountains in Banff National Park receive. But a large amount of visitors to the Park will spend time near it. It sits above Bow Lake, on the Icefields Parkway that connects Banff and Jasper. It's a popular stopover when visiting some of the many other destinations on that highway.
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