About Me

Travel has always been a part of my life. Exploring distant lands, meeting different people, and learning about their culture and traditions is what I consider to be one of the most important things a person can do. I’ve had the fortune of doing just that for the better part of 4 decades. I’ve been all over 6 continents, and close to 100 countries, and have no intention of stopping now.

I am originally from Canada, which I still consider home. My current base is Bangkok, which allows me to travel around Asia with relative ease. Everywhere that I visit in this area provides me with tremendous experiences and collections of images that I love to share with the world. Previous to living in Thailand, I spent a couple of years living in Beijing and Hong Kong, both of which were wonderful places to experience.

My work is mostly travel-related photography, with a slant towards cultural explorations. I truly enjoy getting to know the people and cultures that I discover, and try to portray what I see in the photographs I make.

Although most of the images are created on location, I am equally adept at studio work, particularly in portraiture. I cut my photographic teeth on portraiture, by learning (and eventually teaching) lighting techniques in a studio environment. I earned Licentiates from both the British Institute of Professional Photography and the Master Photographers Association, from my portraiture work.

Workshops & Tours

I work with Photo Workshop Adventures – one of the world’s leading photography tour companies. I lead small-group luxury tours in Asia, and also in Canada. If you’re interested in traveling to Asia with a small group of like-minded photography enthusiasts, you won’t find a better collection of tours to choose from. I will take you through some of the most incredible places in China, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bhutan, Laos and Indonesia. You’ll experience the cultures, great food, and 5-star hotels while perfecting your photography skills and making new friends.

Check out the tours I lead here.

If you prefer to travel alone, but still want to become a better photographer, then please contact me directly. All of the tours and workshops I lead can also be run privately. You’ll still experience everything that a group would, but it would be just and I (or you can bring a travel mate). No trip is too small, or too big to arrange.

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